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Take oral sex to incredible new heights with our selection of products aimed and ensuring that you can enjoy improved oral sex every single time. For some, better oral sex simply means using a flavoured condom, or a flavoured lubricant. However, oral sex enhancers have seen many new innovations recently with lots of new products now available to improve oral sex for both women and men.   

At Crimson Princess, we love making sure that our shoppers have lots of different options when it comes to oral sex toys. That’s why we stock and extensive range of vibrating blow job strokers, textured male masturbators, oral sex vibrators and favoured lubes. During fellatio or cunnilingus, the use of a vibrator or male masturbation stroker can help to improve oral sex by creating a wealth of new sensations to compliment the moves that you are already making with your mouth.   

Because oral sex has no hard or fast rules, lots of different oral sex toys can help to create a new experience every single time, which is why we ensure that we only sell affordable oral sex toys and safe oral sex products.  

Our collection of oral sex enhancers is one that continues to grow as we become more aware of the new developments within this up and coming range of sex toys. In the meantime, if you have any questions about choosing an oral sex enhancing sex toy, please do not hesitate to contact our Crimson Princess sex toy experts for some advice. We are always happy to discuss our range of products.  

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  1. Sensuva Handipop Massage Gel Strawberry Red 125ml Image
    Sensuva Handipop Massage Gel Strawberry Red 125ml
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