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All Sex Toys-

At Crimson Princess, we take great pride in the huge selection of sex toys and adult sex products that we sell. Whether you’re seeking sex toys to help you have better sex, or you want to spice up masturbation, we have something here to please everyone!

Choosing the right sex toy for you can be a daunting task. After all, you want to get maximum pleasure, but at a price that is right for you. With our huge range of adult sex toys, you know that you’ll find the best sex toys available, and you’ll get an excellent product too. If you have a few minutes, browse through our products and take a look at our rabbit vibrators, remote control sex toys, clitoral vibrators and couples sex toys. We also have some amazing deals on our sex toys for men such as cock rings, penis pumps, prostate vibrators and cock strokers. 

Those seeking sex toys for anal sex will love our selection of anal toys. Whether you’re an anal sex beginner or have been a backdoor enthusiast for a while, we have a huge collection of butt plugs, anal beads, prostate massagers or anal dildos to suit every level of expertise. If you love strap on and pegging play, why not take a look at our dildos and strap on harnesses. We check the safety features of every product that we sell to ensure that you enjoy nothing but perfection 

Our sex toys aren’t just for heterosexual couples either, our gay sex toys have been carefully chosen to meet the needs of all the male visitors to our website. Whether it’s a Fleshlight, penis pump, penis enlarger or anal sex toys, we have something here to please you. Our lesbian sex toys have also received the same care and attention, the harnesses that we sell are tailored to suit the contours and needs of a woman’s body, whilst our double ended dildos will leave you gasping for more. 

If you need any help and advice about choosing a sex toy, please do not hesitate to contact our Crimson Princess sex toy experts for some help and advice. We can talk to you about the different products that we have available, and help you to choose the right one for you.

Anal Toys-

Believe it or not, anal vibrators and anal sex toys are quite different to the standard vaginal vibrators that you can purchase today.  

Before choosing your anal sex toy, thinking about the type of anal play that you want to engage in and the products that interest you will go a long way in insuring that you have the perfect anal play product for you. For example, choosing a beginner’s anal vibrator that is slimmer in girth but has all the safety features of an anal vibrator ensures that your first anal experience is comfortable and pleasurable. After all, you can always graduate to something larger as your level of experience grows.  

Those with more experience of anal vibrators are likely to be seeking a more intermediate anal vibrator, such as a luxury anal vibrator or a large vibrating butt plug. However, taking a little extra time to browse through our huge selection of large anal sex toys, anal beads and large butt plugs could bring up a few surprises for our more experienced shoppers. At Crimson Princess, we offer a number of different styles of anal sex products for you to choose from because we believe that variety is the spice of life. Whether it’s vibrating anal beads, vibrating butt plugs or a vibrating anal dildo, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Just remember to keep things clean with a high-quality sex toy cleaner and compatible anal lubricant. If you need a douche to start of your anal play, we have a selection of anal sex hygiene products available too.  

If you have any questions about purchasing an anal vibrator, contact one of our Crimson Princess sex toy experts for advice. We’ll talk you through lots of the different anal pleasure products available and help find the perfect anal sex toy for you.

Butt Plugs-

Intensify orgasms and indulge in a whole host of extra sensations during sex, foreplay and masturbation with a butt plug from our huge selection of products. Designed to slip easily into the anus, the butt plug is a sex toy that delivers powerful and pleasurable sensations to both men and women. Beginners may opt for a small butt plug, before graduating to an intermediate butt plug or large butt plug.  

For our male shoppers, using a curved butt plug, vibrating butt plug or prostate massager stimulates the super sensitive prostate gland, otherwise known as the P spot. This in turn, intensifies sensations during play. As you climax, the anal muscles contract around the butt plug which further titillates the sensitive nerve endings and stimulates the prostate. This can result in a longer lasting and more intense orgasm for men. Despite the myth that ‘women don’t enjoy anal stimulation’, using a butt plug is very pleasurable for women. Once inserted into the anus, a butt plug pushes the anal cavity against the vaginal wall which makes the vagina a little smaller. Any internal vaginal stimulation, whether it’s from a vibrator, dildo or penis feels much more intense. During climax, the pelvic muscles contract around the vaginal stimulator and the butt plug. This lengthens and intensifies climax, whilst simultaneously pleasuring the sensitive nerve endings in the anus.  

Those who love to experience different types of anal stimulation may choose to opt for a vibrating butt plug or engage in temperature play with a cooled glass butt plug. At Crimson Princess, we have a huge selection of butt plugs to choose from, each offering something different!  

Between uses, don’t forget to keep things clean with a high-quality sex toy cleaner and remember to stock up on anal lubricants to prevent any damage to the delicate anal tissues.  

If you have any questions about buying a butt plug, contact one of our Crimson Princess sex toy experts for advice. We’ll talk you through the different products and help find the perfect butt plug for you.  

Cock Rings- 

For those seeking a longer lasting erection without creams or tablets, a cock ring offers the perfect solution. Choose from a vibrating cock ring and boost her pleasure too, or try a stretchy penis ring for something more comfortable. Men who want to experience a knee trembling orgasm can shop from Lelo, Je Joue and much more online.  

A cock ring such as an adjustable cock ring works as a cheap but effective way to create stronger erection. The penis ring achieves this result by safely preventing the blood exiting the chambers of the penis, so an erection lasts longer and appears thicker. Cock rings and can be worn during penetrative sex or masturbation but aren’t recommended for use over 30 minutes, so it’s important to have a short break between uses. With numerous cock rings to choose from at Crimson Princess, it’s natural to feel a little confused about the right cock ring for you. However, the best cock ring usually depends on your reason for purchasing a cock ring in the first place. For example, vibrating cock rings are an ideal beginners cock ring for couples because he benefits from a stronger erection, whilst the vibrating ring titillates her clitoris too, so both parties enjoy intense mutual please.   

During climax when the textiles naturally retract towards the body, a cock ring delays the retraction, which in turn creates a longer lasting and more intense orgasm for the wearer. Rigid Cock Rings are better suited to the more experienced user, whereby an adjustable cock ring is the best cock ring for beginners. The adjustable tie allows you to experiment with different levels of constriction until you find the perfect level of firmness. 


When choosing the perfect bedroom partner, researching a vast collection of dildos can be a daunting task. With so many different sex toys to choose from, each sporting several different features, finding the right product for you is no easy feat. One of the questions we are asked a lot at Crimson Princess, is the difference between a dildo and vibrator. Knowing the difference between these two products, will take you one step closer to finding the perfect sex toy. 

The main difference between a vibrator and dildo is quite obviously, vibration. A vibrator uses a series of pulsations and vibration to help the user achieve orgasm. A dildo simply uses a series of stimulating textures, and the carefully designed shape of the product to bring pleasure. Because a vibrator is usually more effective at achieving fast gratification, it is seen as the ‘go to’ sex toy. However, for those who prefer a gentler build up to orgasm, a dildo is the perfect solution.  

Because a dildo is a gentler path to orgasm, it gives the user more control over their climax than they have with intense vibration. For example, the powerful sensations of a vibrator create an involuntary bodily reaction because they are so powerful. However, the sensations created from a dildo are softer, and lead to a slower build up to climax. This doesn’t mean the climax is less powerful, but you do have more control over the sensation.  

In its truest form, a dildo doesn’t vibrate. However, at Crimson Princess we do stock a selection of vibrating dildos. This might seem a little contradictory, but we believe that a vibrating dildo really does give the user the best of both worlds. For example, use the textured shaft for raised stimulation and better control over the build-up to orgasm. But when you want to up the ante a little, turn on the vibration and let the powerful pulsations bring you to climax. Afterwards, build up slowly again by using the soft textures to gently stimulate the clitoris and start all over again. It’s perfect for perfecting the elusive multiple orgasm technique. 

If you need any help and advice about buying a dildo. Contact our team of Crimson Princess sex toy experts to discuss our product range and go through your options. The perfect dildo is just a few clicks away, what are you waiting for?

Rabbit Vibrators- 

Purchasing your first rabbit vibrator is really exciting, if not a little daunting. After all, with thousands of products to choose from and each offering so many different functions, how do you know if this vibrator is the right one for you?  

Luckily, at Crimson Princess we cater for sex toy beginners and the more advanced user. Rabbit vibrators come in lots of different designs and styles. However, all rabbit vibrators have one thing in common – a clitoral arm. The clitoral arm branches away from the shaft of the vibrator to deliver clitoral stimulation at the same time as the G Spot stimulation enjoyed from the shaft of the vibe.  

Each rabbit is different, some rabbit vibes contain rotating beads in the shaft, whereas others may have features such as a thrusting shaft or one that moves in a circular motion. With the vibrator static but the shaft still moving, the stimulation against the clitoris is constant and unbroken, so you get amazing results. When buying a rabbit vibrator, always take the time to read the products description to see what the sex toy can do. Some rabbit vibrators are battery operated whilst others are rechargeable rabbit vibrators and can be enjoyed in the water.  

For those who are new to sex toys a beginner’s rabbit vibrator is normally a little smaller and slimmer than a standard vibrator, so it’s great for those who haven’t used a sex toy before. The functions of a beginner’s rabbit vibe are also a little simpler to navigate so as a first-time sex toy, it is much easier to use. By choosing a beginner’s rabbit vibrator, you get the same great experience as a standard rabbit vibrator but a slimmer shaft and less confusion.  Before using the rabbit vibrator always give the shaft and rabbit ears a good wash. Even brand new, any residue on the product can cause irritation. Between uses, the surface of the vibrator collects dust and particles so keep it in a storage pouch and wash before and after each use.  

If you need any help buying your first rabbit vibrator or any of our rabbit vibrator accessories such as rabbit compatible lubricants and rabbit vibe cleaners, please contact one of our Crimson Princess sex toy experts for help and assistance. We’ll talk you through the different products available and give you some advice to help get you started.   


With so many different sizes and styles of large vibrator to choose from, you’re forgiven for feeling a little confused. Each vibrator offers something very different, and trying to figure out what the different functions actually do can be a little tricky. To make things a little easier for you, we’ve broken down the different styles of large vibrator and highlighted some of the great features each vibrator offers.  

Rabbit vibrators have a large, thick shaft for great internal stimulation and attached clitoral stimulator for external pleasure. We have lots of cheap rabbit vibrators, rechargeable rabbit vibrators, luxury rabbit vibrators and waterproof rabbit vibrators available at Crimson Princess, so take some time to browse through our collection and see what we have to offer. 

For those who prefer something more authentic, realistic vibrators are crafted to look just like a real penis and usually have the same raised glans and veiny texture. With some realistic vibrators offering multi-speed vibration, a curved shaft and a firm texture. They make a great addition to your sex toy collection.  

A G Spot Vibrator has a precision curve which seeks out the sensitive G Spot and teases with powerful pulsations and throbbing vibrations. Usually with a thick pleasure nub at the tip of the vibrator, G Spot vibes offer direct stimulation to your inner hotspots and always achieves a powerful orgasm. For more direct clitoral stimulation, wand vibrators like Doxy wand vibrator offers soothing strokes, powerful orgasms and when required, a deep tissue massage too. Ideal for sport or pleasure, a wand massager offers direct and powerful stimulation wherever you require it.  

If you’re the kind of person who think that size matters, you couldn’t be more wrong! Small vibrators, such as bullet vibrators are perfect for those who love powerful vibration, but prefer a more discreet sex toy for storage and travel. More compact and versatile than large dildos and vibrators, smaller vibrators are a great choice for your first sex toy.  

If you need help choosing small vibrators and dildos, why not contact one of the Crimson Princess sex toy experts for some advice. Our sex toy experts are always on hand to help with your sex toy based questions.  

Sex Toys for Couples-

Adding a little pizazz to your pillow talk has never been easier with our huge collection of sex toys for couples. Some people find it difficult to orgasm through penetrative sex alone and may find that using sex toys with a partner increases their chance of an orgasm.  

For men who want to last longer in bed, using a penis pump or a cock ring is a great way to increase the size of your penis and maintain a stronger erection. Those who want to pleasure a female partner at the same time, may opt for a vibrating cock ring as this helps to titillate the clitoris with every delicious thrust. At Crimson Princess, we have lots of couple’s cock rings to choose from, whether they are vibrating cock rings, scrotum rings and metal cock rings.  

Fans of Fifty Shades of Grey may want to create their own red room of pain with our selection of bedroom bondage kits, sex toy kits and weekend kits. Each contains a different selection of fetish sex toys, beginner’s bondage toys and even romantic sex toys for those celebrating something special. Our sex toys for couples range also includes remote control sex toys for those who prefer to keep their hands-free during sex and foreplay, clitoral sex toys or vibrating love egg for a partner to enjoy.  

Our collection of sex toys for same sex couples contain a multitude of anal sex toys, butt plugs, anal sex essentials and cock strokers, our range of sex toys are guaranteed to make toes curl with pleasure. Choose from a selection of vibrating dildos, double ended dildos, finger pleasures and oral sex delights.  

If you need any help and advice during your search for the sex toys for couples, contact our team of Crimson Princess sex toy experts. We’ll talk you through some different options and help you choose the right vibrator for you.

Sex Toys for Him- 

For those who think that sex toys are just for women, you couldn’t be more wrong! With sales in sex toys for men increasing every single day, they don’t just enhance male masturbation but they can help to improve performance in the bedroom too. At Crimson Princess we have thousands of male sex toys to choose from, whether it’s best-selling male masturbators like Fleshlights, prostate massagers, penis pumps, cock sleeves, penis enlargers, sex dolls or the world famous Tenga Eggs. 

Like women, men are accustomed to using their own hands and sense of touch during masturbation. However, just like women, they sometimes crave a little versatility in the bedroom too. There’s nothing wrong with experimenting with different textures and sensations to spice things up, and because male sex toys can also be used during foreplay, they are perfect for adding something different and more exciting to sex.  

For example, a Fleshlight masturbator looks and feels just like a vagina, mouth or anus and contains a textured sleeve so every sensation is magnified. After use, this luxury sex toy for men can be stored discreetly out of sight as it looks just like an everyday flashlight. Those seeking to improve their performance in the bedroom will find that cockrings are ideal for both solo play and masturbation too. A cock ring works by gently trapping the flow of blood into the penis so an erection is bigger, stronger and lasts up to four times longer. For double the fun, try a textured cockring or a cock ring that vibrates. 

At Crimson Princess, we have lots of different types of prostate massagers, each offering something different. However, the principle is the same. Prostate massagers work by applying pressure to the sensitive prostate gland. As you rock, clench or grind against the massager, the combination of textures and vibrations brings the user to one of the most intense orgasms that a man can experience. Lovers of anal play may also want to peruse our collection of strap ons for pegging, or our other anal sex toys for men. We have lots to choose from!

If you need any help or advice about buying sex toys for men. Contact our team of Crimson Princess sex toy experts. We’ll help for to choose the perfect sex toy for your man, or talk you through our selection of male sex toy options. 

G-Spot Vibrator-

Located at the front wall of the vagina and notoriously tricky to locate, the G spot, or the 
Gräfenberg Spot as it is sometimes known, has been hailed as the holy grail of female pleasure. When repeatedly stroked or stimulated, the G spot produces one of the most powerful types of female orgasm, and even helps to produce a female ejaculation.  

A vaginal vibrator, or G spot vibe as it is sometimes known, is created with a unique curve so it applies firm pressure and gently strokes the vagina wall. With some spot vibrators offering additional features like a clitoral arm, or combined anal stimulation, mastering this type of orgasm has never been easier!  

At Crimson Princess, we have lots of G spot and vaginal vibrators available for all levels of experience. For those seeking a beginner’s G spot vibrator, choose a vibe with wide angled head. Because the larger head strokes more of the vagina wall, finding the G spot is much easier! If you prefer to combine G spot stimulation with clitoral titillation, a rabbit vibrator offers dual stimulation so achieving a spine tingling blended orgasm is very easy.  

For G Spot stimulation that you can enjoy during penetrative sex. Our selection of couple’s G spot stimulating sex toys are worn during sex to stimulate the clitoris, G spot and a male partner too. To see our complete range of G spot sex toys, why not take a look 

For those feeling a little confused about the best G Spot vibrator to buy. Contact our team of Crimson Princess sex toy experts for a little help and advice about our product range. We’ll talk to you about your different options and help you find the best G Spot vibrator for you.  

Prostate Vibrators-

Anatomically tailored to massage the prostate gland, or the male G Spot as it is sometimes called, prostate massagers are designed to penetrate the anus and use a range of deep textures to deliver exhilarating pleasure to men. With an intense full body, hands free climax up for grabs, as well as multiple orgasms, there’s a good reason why prostate massagers are amongst the best-selling male sex toys.  

Located a couple of inches into the rectum, the prostate gland is the shape and size of a walnut and helps to make semen, so it’s an integral part of the reproductive system. When stimulated, the prostate gland is incredibly sensitive and can produce the most intense orgasm that a man can experience. A prostate massager helps to locate the prostate and uses a series of textures to stimulate this sensitive gland. Because of its distinctive shape, a prostate massager pinpoints the prostate and delivers direct and powerful massage. This in turn, helps to achieve an intense and long lasting orgasm, which with a little practice turns into multiple orgasms.  

As well as sexual pleasure, milking the prostate using a prostate massager offers a lot of health benefits for men of all ages. According to health experts, regular prostate milking can help to reduce the pain from an enlarged, painful or inflamed prostate. This practice also helps to keep blood flowing to the prostate area and boosts circulation around the gland.  

At Crimson Princess, we have a huge collection of prostate massagers to browse through before you decide on the perfect product for you. With a choice of vibrating prostate massagers, beginner’s prostate massagers, intermediate prostate massagers and large prostate massagers for the more advanced players, you’re always spoilt for choice at our store.  

If you need any help and advice when choosing the perfect prostate massager, contact our team of Crimson Princess sex toy experts. After a few questions, we’ll talk you through some different options and help you choose the right prostate massager for you. 

Powerful Vibrators- 

For stimulation that makes your toes curl, a powerful vibrator is a great choice of sex toy. A powerful vibe uses intense vibration to bring you to a mind blowing orgasm. After all, we know that there’s nothing worse than a vibrator that doesn’t quite hit the spot! 

If you’re looking for something powerful but pocket friendly, a bullet vibrator is a cheap sex toy that is powerful, precise and very easy to store. Rocks Off and TokiDoki are known for their designs and powerful, affordable, stylish bullet vibrators. 

Wand massagers are amongst the most powerful clitoral vibrators that you can buy and range from small and petite, to the mighty and enormous. Because wand vibrators such as the Doxy Wand Vibrator can also be used for sports massage too, they are very discreet. For those who enjoy something different, wand attachments are another way to add versatility to masturbation, without compromising on power. Attaching a textured head onto your wand massager and turned a knee trembling sex toy into a something entirely different, without having to spend a lot of money.  

Those who prefer internal stimulation may want to check out our selection of powerful G spot vibrators. Each has a curved shaft so that it hits all those inner hotspots whilst delivering a sheet clutching internal massage. If you prefer dual stimulation, our collection of powerful rabbit vibrators will always hit the perfect spot. If you’re one of our male shoppers, take a look at our selection of powerful vibrating cock rings, powerful prostate massagers and powerful cock strokers.   

If you need any help and advice during your search for the perfect powerful vibrator, contact our team of Crimson Princess sex toy experts. After a few questions, we’ll talk you through some different options and help you choose the right vibrator for you.

Remote Control Vibrators-

Fantastic for teasing and ideal for internal titillation, remote control vibrators are usually controlled by a device that is separate from the vibrator, thus making them great sex toys for couples hoping to enjoy some hands free fun.  All you have to do is decide which of you will be taking charge of the remote control and choose the perfect place to play with it!  

At Crimson Princess we pride ourselves on our great selection of remote control sex toys. However, choosing the perfect remote control vibrator can be a little tricky, after all it depends on your personal requirements. For G Spot stimulation, a remote control egg vibrator is inserted discreetly into the vagina and stimulates the G Spot. Smaller remote controlled bullet vibrators can be placed against the clitoris and held in place with your clothes or underwear. These make a wonderful gift and are always in demand amongst the more adventurous couples.  

For popular couples remote control sex toys, take a look at the We-Vibe or Lelo range of remote control sex toys. These remote control vibrators are worn during penetrative sex so they stimulate both couples at the same time. To ensure that you make the best choice, take some time to read the description of each product, or ask one of our sex toy experts to help.  

It is never safe or recommended to insert a vibrating love egg or remote control bullet into the anus as there is a high risk of the sex toy travelling into the body. However, we do have a great selection of remote control anal sex toys which have a flared base and the special features which ensure that the sex toy is safe to use anally. Remote control anal vibes are great for both men and women and can be used in combination with other vibrating sex toys to create a sensory sensation! 

Vibrators for Couples-
Spice up masturbation or add some extra sizzle to sex with our range of vibrators for couples. Most women find it difficult to orgasm through penetrative sex alone and require a little help. Using a vibrator for couples that can be worn by the male or female partner allows both parties to experience better control of orgasm and more intense sex. During foreplay, including a vibrator is a great way to increase your chances of enjoying multiple orgasm.

Those who want to last longer in bed whilst creating a stronger erection may want to opt for a vibrating cock ring. This couple’s vibrator a more intense orgasm for men, but the powerful vibrations can stimulate a female partner too. We have lots of couple’s cock rings to choose from, whether they are pulsating cock rings, textured cock rings or anal stimulating cock rings.

Remote control sex toys for couples are the perfect way to stimulate a partner without lifting a finger! Tease and titillate a partner and watch from a distance as they slowly lose control… we highly recommend that you peruse our collection of love eggs, panty vibrators, remote control butt plugs and many more. During sex, the world famous We-Vibe clitoral and G spot vibrator offers dual stimulation to both partners, so sex is better and more exciting than ever. Control the speed and intensity at the touch of a button, so your hands do all the talking. 

Clitoral vibrators such as finger vibes or tongue vibrators are great for spicing up foreplay. Usually textured, these vibrators slip onto your fingers or tongue to add an extra element to couples play. If you use the textured vibrators alongside your favourite water-based lubricant, the results are out of this world! 

Standard bullet vibrators are small, powerful and perfect for increasing the female partner’s chances of orgasm during penetrative sex. For those who are seeking more versatility during couples play, take a look at our collection of sex toy kits, weekend kits, vibrating strap ons and many more. 

If you need any help and advice during your search for the best couple’s vibrators, contact our team of Crimson Princess sex toy experts. We’ll talk you through some different options and help you choose the right vibrator for you.

Wand Vibrators-

For powerful stimulation and incredible sensations, our collection of wand massagers ranges from a small buzz, to incredibly. Originally designed for body massage, the shuddering vibrations and manoeuvrability of the wand massagers, ensured that attention turned towards more intimate pleasure. Choose from a micro or mini wand, rechargeable wand or the most powerful wand in the world, the Doxy massager. 

A wand massager doubles up as both a body massager and an intimate vibrator. Designed for external use, this powerful massager is used to tease and titillate the erogenous zones before placing on the clitoris or penis to achieve a climax. Because wand vibrators are so powerful, they are generally rather loud and are better used during those times when you won’t be disturbed. 

Some wand vibrators rechargeable wand vibrators, so it’s important to check that your wand massager is fully charged before use. There’s nothing worse than a vibrator fizzling out mid-use, leaving you feeling very frustrated. Those seeking a mains powered wand vibrator may want to check out the Doxy wand vibrator. This plug in wand vibrator that has an extra-long cable so you can move easily around the room without being disturbed. Those who prefer getting wet and wild with a wand might want to take a look at a waterproof wand vibrator, these are ideal for those who love water play. 

Despite the powerful external massage and incredible orgasms, it is quite normal to fancy a change from time to time. Give your wand vibrator a whole new lease of life by including a wand attachment to the top of the head. A wand attachment comes in a variety of different shapes, sizes and textures. However, always remember to measure the head of your wand before buying, so you always have the perfect fit. 

If you need any help and advice before you buy a wand vibrator, contact one of our highly trained sex toy experts. We have a huge product range to choose from and we’ll talk you through all the suitable options, so you can make an informed choice.

All Lingerie-

Look sensational and feel confident with our huge collection of lingerie. At Crimson Princess, we love our customers to look and feel amazing, that’s why we stock such a large collection of styles. Our lingerie has been carefully selected to flatter every different body shape and to enhance your personal assets. Whether it’s a baby doll or chemise to lengthen the legs and show off an ample bosom, a body stocking to highlight the curves, or a sexy costume such as a French maid outfit or sexy schoolgirl for roleplay games, we have lots to choose from in our UK lingerie shop. 

Lovers of vintage style lingerie and classic lingerie are in luck too. Our lingerie collection includes lots of retro lingerie and body shaping lingerie to create a shape and appearance that you’ve always dreamed of. Our corsets and bustiers are perfect for creating an ample bosom whilst discreetly shaping the waist too. For those getting married, our white lingerie is the perfect bridal wear for a night of newlywed seduction. 

To delight our sexy plus size lingerie shoppers, we have lots of beautiful lingerie pieces to peruse. Our plus size lingerie outfits and plus size costumes are of the highest quality and carefully chosen to ensure that the art of seduction is flawless. For those who love to show off their best assets, our plus size basques and corsets leave very little to the imagination, whilst our plus size robes and kimonos help to emphasise your long luscious legs. 

Fans of Fifty Shades of Grey will simply adore our fetishwear selection because it is the perfect way to pay homage to your favourite erotica, whilst showing off plenty of flesh in strappy leather effect bondage wear. Combine with a pair of our sexy stockings and stiletto heels to create the ultimate effect. 

If you need any help or advice when choosing lingerie from our UK lingerie store, please contact our Crimson Princess lingerie advisors. We have advisors who can talk you through the different styles and shapes of lingerie, and help you to choose the perfect piece for your special occasion


Find the perfect indecent outfit for all kinds of fetish play at our fetishwear collection. We stock fetish lingerie for all kinds of BDSM play whether it’s a gimp mask, rubber outfit, latex dress or a fetish style costume, Crimson Princess have everything you need to suit any fetish event or perverted preference. 

If it is fetish wear for women that you seek, we have a huge collection of sexy and domineering fetish wear that clings to the curves and accentuates all of your best features. Crafted from the highest quality materials and guaranteed to get great results, our female fetish wear will always ensure that heads are turned. Choose from fetish body suits, catsuits, latex dresses, gloves, nipple tassels and so much more! Opt for latex lingerie, rubber lingerie or leather effect lingerie and you’ll always be the belle of the fetish ball, or dungeon. 

Those seeking fetish role play or fetish costumes need look no further than our incredible selection of costumes and uniforms. If it is sex appeal that you crave, take a look through our sexy bondage style costumes and fetish masks. We cater for every dark and dirty fantasy, so make sure that you take some time to peruse our full collection. Whether it’s a naughty nurse, a French maid, or a leather effect kitty mask, we’ll make all your dirty dreams come true. 

If you want to venture a little further than fetish wear and costumes, we have a selection of gimp masks and face masks to titillate you even more. By cutting off the senses, fetish masks help to intensify pleasure during BDSM play. Our masks come in lots of different styles, whether it’s a partial face mask or a mask that covers all of the face. Either way, your submissive will be begging for mercy… but still won’t utter the safe word.  

If you need any help or advice about fetish wear, please contact our Crimson Princess lingerie and fetish wear for more information. Our helpful consultants can talk you through the different fetish wear outfits and find the perfect fetish outfit for you.    

Lingerie Sets-

Get ready to undress and impress with our carefully chosen collection of high quality lingerie sets. At Crimson Princess, we know how important it is to feel as good as you look. That’s why our lingerie sets are crafted from high quality fabrics and the softest lace, so your lingerie is perfect for sleeping in, but even better for those times when you want to be kept up all night long.  

If you’re looking for a lingerie set that shows off your nice legs and a pert bottom, opting for a chemise or baby-doll is a great way to elongate your limbs and play up your favourite assets. If you want to up the ante, slips, nighties and corselettes are perfect for a night of sensual play, and offer an incredible confidence boost too. If you’re one of our curvier shoppers, you will be utterly charmed by our selection of plus size lingerie sets too.   

To flatter and enhance a feminine shape, browse our corsets and delightful knickers and bra sets that can help to create the hourglass figure that a lot of women crave. The best thing about these lingerie sets are that they can be worn as standalone lingerie, or combined with costume to create a fashionable lingerie statement too.    

For those who prefer lingerie that’s a little lighter on the skin, body stockings are an all in one lingerie set that covers the curves and smooths out any imperfections. Stretch over the skin just like a pair of tights and you’ll feel and look incredible. Body stockings are a great solution for those who have different proportions and require a lingerie set that fits the differing dimensions of the female body. Not only that, our bodies and sexy teddys also offer a light and comfortable solution, whilst also being incredibly sexy too.  

If you need help choosing a product from our collection of lingerie sets. Contact one of our Crimson Princess advisers to discuss the different lingerie items that we have available and the products that may suit your body shape.  

Sexy Lingerie-

Set someone’s pulse racing in the bedroom with sexy lingerie from Crimson Princess. We have everything that you need for a night of unbridled passion and mind-blowing seduction, whether its sexy plus size lingerie, bra sets, sexy costumes or sexy clothing, you’ll find everything that you need in our UK lingerie shop.  

Those who think that sexy lingerie is something that needs to look good and nothing else couldn’t be more wrong. At Crimson Princess, we hand-pick every single item in our sexy lingerie collection, to ensure that all the lingerie that we sell is high quality lingerie. That way, as you tease and seduce your partner, you’ll feel as incredible as you look. Not only that, our sexy lingerie sets come in all different sizes, from plus size lingerie to sexy petite lingerie too.  

Sexy bra sets are the perfect accompaniment for someone seeking sexy day time lingerie that can quickly be adapted to sexy evening wear. This is because a bra set sits discreetly underneath the clothes, making this lingerie ideal for a seductive strip tease later. A sexy mini dress can be worn as fashionable lingerie outerwear, or saved for an evening of seduction with a partner, especially if worn with sexy stiletto heels. Our sexy catsuits and sexy clubbing outfits don’t just show off your curves, but they tease the senses too with an array of soft fabrics and delicate lace.  

Fans of role play or dressing up will be delighted with our collection of sexy costumes. Perfect for an evening of playful seduction, our costumes range from a French maid costume, sexy nurse costume, sexy santa costume, sexy plus size costumes and may more. 

If you’d like some help choosing an item of sexy lingerie for yourself, or a partner. Contact Crimson Princess to speak to one of our customer service advisors. We’ll talk you through the different sexy lingerie items that we have available and help you to make a choice.  

Stockings and Hosiery- 

Cover your legs in pure opulence with our selection of stockings and hosiery to suit everyone. Our stockings are the perfect way to accessorise and flatter sexy lingerie sets, or add the final touches to a sexy costume. For those who are curvier, our plus size stockings have been carefully selected to ensure that they fit all sizes and shape of wearer.  

For everyday seduction, our stockings and suspender sets are perfectly discreet and can be worn underneath day to day clothing. Choose from sheer leg stockings, plain top stockings, fashion seamed stockings or a Cuban heel. If you have an evening date after work, a quick change of clothing switches this comfortable day time lingerie into a super sexy evening ensemble. Just remember to pair with super sexy stiletto heels. If buying stockings alone, please remember that the suspender belt may need to be purchased separately.  

For those who prefer to leave the suspender belt at home, hold ups are the perfect way to create a seamless finish under a tight fitting outfit, just slip into the hold ups and the tops will keep them neatly in place. At Crimson Princess, we have a great selection of lace hold ups, plain hold ups, plus size hold ups, bridal hold ups and many more. Why not take a look through our collection and see what pairs best with your outfit?  

Fashion tights and fashion stockings are a great way to mix up an everyday outfit and give an element of individuality to the way that you dress. Take a look at our incredible range of fashion tights and choose from patterned tights, printed tights, crotchless tights, seamed tights, fishnet tights and coloured tights.   

Sexy Knickers-

Sexy knickers are a common staple of every woman’s wardrobe. Not only can your panties set the tone for the day, but your knickers can help to make you feel super sexy. At Crimson Princess, we know the importance of wearing a decent pair of knickers every day. After all, as granny used to say, ‘Imagine if you got hit by a bus.’ Luckily, our huge range of sexy knickers has the matter completely covered. 

For the more adventurous shopper, crotchless knickers are sexy panties that have an opening at the gusset, so you can reveal your intimate parts to a lover, or enjoy a cheeky sex session whilst still wearing your underwear. Our range of crotchless underwear offers high-quality lace crotchless knickers, thongs and more. 

Those wearing tight-fitting outfits or a sexy mini dress can lose the VPL with our collection of sexy thongs and G strings. This underwear leaves your full bottom exposed, for a super sexy look. As you peruse our collection of sexy underwear, don’t forget to add a pair of lace thongs or an embroidered g string to your shopping basket. Meanwhile, fans of bondage style knickers will simply adore our collection of cage effect thongs and cage effect knickers. Channel your inner dominatrix as you wow your lover with these super sexy harness style panties and bring them to their knees. 

For something more demure, our sexy briefs and sexy boyshorts are perfect for everyday wear but contain lots of sensual elements to ensure that they can be worn in the bedroom too. Choose from lace briefs, crotchless shorts, wet look underwear and many more options.  

If you need any help and assistance choosing the perfect panties for the occasion, our team of customer service advisors are on hand to help. Simply get in touch to hear more about the products that we have available.


Sex essentials are all of those important things that you didn’t think that you needed, until you run out of them. At Crimson Princess, our mission is to ensure that you always have the essentials close to hand and just a few clicks away from your front door.  

Although everyone’s idea of sex toy and sex essentials will differ depending on the type of sex that you’re having, and who you are having it with. However, one of the most important sex essentials that you may want to stock up on are condoms. We have lots of different types of condoms and barrier methods available whether its latex free condoms, extra lubricated condoms or light touch condoms. For the more adventurous shopper, we have a whole host of goodies to help you to enjoy better sex. For example, a few minutes a day pumping with a Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pump can help our male shoppers increase the size of their penis permanently, thus resulting is increased confidence and better sex for both partners. For her, sex essentials may include a clitoral stimulator to help improve her chances of achieving orgasm during penetrative sex.  

Those who enjoy experimenting with sex toys may want to pick up batteries and sex toy cleaners to ensure that they can enjoy clean, safe masturbation wherever they are. After all, there’s nothing worse than a vibrator cutting out midway through an intense orgasm. In addition, those who like to keep their sex toys stored neatly out of sight may want to pick up a sex toy storage pouch, or invest in a storage box to help keep their sex toys safe from prying eyes.  

Ensuring that sex is slippery and fun has never been easier with our huge collection of lubricants. Choose from anal lubricants, water-based lubricants, silicone lubricants and flavoured lubricants to help reduce friction and enjoy sex that is better than ever. In between steamy sex sessions, stock up on sex games and kinky sex dice to help spice up foreplay and create a thrill. 

If you need some help stocking up on sex essentials, or you would like some advice on the products that you might need, get in touch with our Crimson Princess sex toy experts. We have everything that you need to ensure that you continue to enjoy the best sex ever.  

Batteries & Toy Cleaners- 

Although we much prefer to sell rechargeable sex toys, there are occasions when batteries are required for certain sex toys. Within our product descriptions, we do state whether or not batteries are included with the sex toys that we sell and therefore, if required, you can stock up on the batteries that you need to ensure that your sex toy is always live and kicking. After use, always ensure that you use a high quality sex toy cleaner that is compatible with the type of sex toy that you are using. 

Choosing the right batteries for your vibrator is very easy because the description of the battery size can usually be found on the packaging, or in the instructions. When you buy a vibrator it is always wise to buy a fresh set of batteries, just to ensure that you always have a spare set close to hand. If you’re considering splashing out on rechargeable batteries… don’t. The power emitted from rechargeable alternatives isn’t as strong as disposable batteries and this can comprise the performance of the vibrator. To help your disposable batteries last longer and reduce waste, always remove them after every single use.   

Once you have removed the batteries, it’s time to clean your sex toy with a compatible sex toy cleaner. Keeping your sex toy clean and bacteria free is very important because it prevents a harmful build-up of dust and bacteria, helps to keep them looking good and can help your sex toy last even longer. For best results, always clean your sex toys before and after use and wait until they are completely dry before putting them away.  

At Crimson Princess we have lots of sex toy cleaners available in the form of sex toy wipes, sex toy sprays, fleshlight cleaners and many more. Take some time to look through our collection and find the best sex toy cleaner to suit your product.   


If you want to give yourself the best protection against sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy, picking up a packet of condoms is the best way to go about things. After all, safe sex doesn’t mean no sex at all. Just like our male shoppers, our collection of condoms come in lots of different shapes or sizes and therefore, we have something for everyone at Crimson Princess.  

In this day and age, there really is no excuse for not wearing a condom especially with so many great condoms on the market, from flavoured to textured.  

Some people may believe that size matters when it comes to condoms but not with Durex thin feel. These condoms are renowned for a snug fit, so they are perfect for those who prefer a small condom. For some, a thin condom helps to create a more authentic sex experience without compromising on strength. Help protect against the spread of STI’s, by wearing a condom whether it be thin feel or textured condoms such to increase the pleasure for both parties. Those with an allergy to latex needn’t feel left out as we also offer a selection of latex free condoms for you to choose from. 

If you need any help and advice when choosing a condom, please contact our Crimson Princess customer service team for help and advice. We’ll talk you through the different products that we have available and whether you think that they are suited to your needs.  

Improved Anal Sex-

For some, anal sex can be a daunting experience. However, it doesn’t have to be the case anymore. As more people are discovering the dizzying pleasure of an anal invasion, anal sex toys have become more innovative and creative than ever. For those seeking better anal sex, there is no time like the present for updating your anal sex toy collection. However, as with any kind of anal play, remember to invest in a high quality anal lubricant and use lashings of it throughout. At Crimson Princess, we have lots of anal lubes to choose from so don’t forget to add it to your shopping basket before you hit the checkout.  

Before any kind of anal sex or anal play, it is always wise to use a douche  to flush out any impurities before you start. We have a selection of anal douches available for you to choose from, whether it’s a hand pump douche or a shower douche that takes your fancy, why not take a look 

To make anal sex more comfortable, an anal lubricant is usually much thicker than an ordinary lubricant so that it provides a cushioning effect to the anus. However, it is wise to remember to check that any anal lubes that you use are compatible with your anal sex toys.  

During sex, you can gently prep the anus for penetration with a selection of anal sex toys such as anal beads, butt plugs, anal vibrators and anal dildos as these will help to relax the anus and create a much more comfortable anal sex experience. Beginners to anal sex may want to start off with some beginner’s anal sex toys before graduating to the large anal toys, as this also helps to make anal sex less painful.  

For more information about using sex toys for improved anal sex, contact the Crimson Princess sex toy experts for help and advice. We can talk you through the different anal sex toys that we stock and how each type of sex toy works.  

Improved Sex for Couples-

Recreating the honeymoon period in your relationship has never been easier with our selection of couple’s sex toys and bedroom essentials. Depending on your personal preferences, we have something that every couple will enjoy! 

Couples who are new to sex toys may want to start their sex toy journey with something that is easy to use, powerful and discreet to store. That’s why we stock a huge selection of vibrating bullets and vibrating cock rings. These sex toys are very simple to use but very effective which is why they make a great first sex toy. Those seeking something a little more adventurous may want to check out our collection of remote control sex toys and vibrating love eggs. Because they are controlled from afar, foreplay can start before you even get home! 

If you’re looking for a way to spice up foreplay, we have lots of products to help. Enjoy a sexy board game before indulging your senses with flavoured lubes before engaging with a fetish and bondage kit. As you move on to something more risqué, tease and titillate the erogenous zones with a selection of couple’s vibrators, or a vibrating bullet. For heterosexual couples, a We-Vibe rechargeable couple’s vibrator can be worn during penetrative sex to stimulate both partners at the same time.  

Those seeking lots of variety may want to take a look at our collection of sex toy kits. Each kit contains lots of different products for you to experiment with. Whether it’s a bondage kit, romantic weekend kit or a sex toy collection, there’s something for every couple to enjoy.  

If you aren’t sure which products will help to improve sex for couples. Call one of our helpful sex toy advisors for some help. We can talk to you about the different sex toys in our store and help you to find the perfect couples sex toy for you.  

Improved Oral Sex- 

Take oral sex to incredible new heights with our selection of products aimed and ensuring that you can enjoy improved oral sex every single time. For some, better oral sex simply means using a flavoured condom, or a flavoured lubricant. However, oral sex enhancers have seen many new innovations recently with lots of new products now available to improve oral sex for both women and men.   

At Crimson Princess, we love making sure that our shoppers have lots of different options when it comes to oral sex toys. That’s why we stock and extensive range of vibrating blow job strokers, textured male masturbators, oral sex vibrators and favoured lubes. During fellatio or cunnilingus, the use of a vibrator or male masturbation stroker can help to improve oral sex by creating a wealth of new sensations to compliment the moves that you are already making with your mouth.   

Because oral sex has no hard or fast rules, lots of different oral sex toys can help to create a new experience every single time, which is why we ensure that we only sell affordable oral sex toys and safe oral sex products.  

Our collection of oral sex enhancers is one that continues to grow as we become more aware of the new developments within this up and coming range of sex toys. In the meantime, if you have any questions about choosing an oral sex enhancing sex toy, please do not hesitate to contact our Crimson Princess sex toy experts for some advice. We are always happy to discuss our range of products.  

Improved Sex for Her- 

Experience knee trembling orgasms with our collection of sex toys aimed at delivering improved sex for her. Rather than focusing on the pleasure of masturbation, this selection of products is aimed at improving her chances of orgasm during sex. Whether, your sex toy of choice is a couple’s vibrator, kegal balls, vagina exerciser, clitoral gels or a vibrating pussy pump, is completely up to you.   

For a lot of women, the key to a more intense orgasm is clitoral stimulation. Using a clitoral balm or pleasure enhancing gel, usually produces a gentle tingle which in turn helps to intensify sensation and magnifies pleasure. Adding a small amount of product to the clitoris before sex or masturbation is the perfect way to enjoy better sex and stronger orgasms.  

Couples vibrators such as a vibrating cock ring, or a We-Vibe is usually work during sex toy to stimulate both partners and helping sex to last longer. As the cock ring or vibrator stimulates the clitoris with every thrust, it won’t be long before a powerful orgasm follows. Those hoping to enjoy more intense G spot stimulation need look no further than Kegal exercisers, or Ben Wa balls as they are sometimes known. Wearing these balls inside the vagina regularly helps to strengthen the Kegal muscles and intensify internal sensations, thus leading to incredible orgasms.  

A pussy pump may seem like an unusual product. However, a vaginal pump is the perfect way to enjoy better sex. A few minutes before sex or masturbation, add a generous helping of lubricant and place the suction cup over your labia so that it creates a seal. As you pump the pussy pump, it creates a vacuum which helps to bring more blood to the surface of the vagina so that it becomes engorged and more sensitive. During sex, every sensation will become heightened, which can lead to a much stronger orgasm.  

If you’re interested in enjoying better sex and a more intense climax, speak to one of our Crimson Princess sex toy experts. We can talk to you about the different sex enhancing sex toys that we have available, and the ways that they can help women enjoy better sex. 

Improved Sex for Him-

If you believe that men orgasm every single time that they have sex, you couldn’t be more wrong. Lots of men believe that they can improve their performance in the bedroom, or enjoy better and more fulfilling sex. To help our male shoppers get the ball in the back of the net, we have put together a great range of products aimed at helping men enjoy better sex. Whether it’s a libido booster, penis pump, cock ring, penis enlargers, we have something to suit every man at Crimson Princess. 

For some men, getting an erection is a real problem, for others the issue could be maintaining an erection. However, with a penis pump such as a Bathmate hydropump these needn’t be an issue. A penis pump works by gently creating a vacuum which draws blood into the chambers of the penis, thus creating an erection that is often larger than an erection created on your own. Once you have achieved the required erection, slipping a cock ring on to your penis can help you to maintain an erection for even longer. For those suffering from erectile dysfunction, a penis pump is the safest method of getting an erection without using pills or creams.  

For men who ejaculate too quickly, our extensive collection of cock rings and vibrating penis rings can help you to stay hard even after ejaculation, so that sex is longer lasting and more fulfilling.   

If you are interested in enjoying better sex and intensifying the male orgasm, but you aren’t sure where to start. Contact one of our Crimson Princess sex toy experts for help and advice about the different male sex enhancing products that we have available.  


When choosing a lubricant, finding the right one for the job can be really confusing. There are so many different kinds of lubricants available, from flavoured lube, water-based lube, silicone lube, hybrid lube, arousal lube and even anal lube. When choosing the best lube, it’s important to remember that each lubricant is a little different, and has a different role.  Flavoured lubricants are usually water-based, (but please check the packaging) and come in an assortment of different flavours. These lubricants can be used to spice up foreplay and also enjoyed with your favourite sex toys. As with all lubricants, read the ingredients before use and check for compatibility with condoms.  

Water-based lubes are condom safe and won’t stain the bedsheets either. The gentle formula is safe to use on the body and feels light and natural against the skin. Water-based lubes are compatible with most types of sex toy and can be used for oral sex, vaginal sex and anal sex.  Silicone lubricants are a great lubricant for those wanting long lasting slippery results. The gentle formula doesn’t dry out or wash off in the water, so it’s perfect for use in the bath or shower. Great for oral sex, vaginal sex and in particular anal sex, silicone lasts much longer than a water-based alternative and is slightly thicker, so you get a cushioning effect.  

A hybrid lubricant offers the best of both worlds. Primarily water-based and with a small amount of silicone, this type of lubricant offers the gentle formula and easy clean-up of a water-based lubricant, and the long lasting effects of a silicone lubricant.  Anal lubricants are usually thicker than a standard lubricant they cushion the anus to enable smoother, and more comfortable penetration. Some anal lubes also contain ingredients to numb the anus and ease discomfort. 

If you need any help choosing the best lubricant for you, contact our team of Crimson Princess Sexperts for help and advice. We’ll talk you through the different types of lubricant available and help you choose the perfect lube.  

Fetish and bondage-  

Take your love of all things kink to the next level with our vast collection of fetish and bondage products. At Crimson Princess, we have something to suit all levels of bondage expertise, whether you’re looking for a beginner’s bondage item such as restraints, hand cuffs, whips, floggers, ball gags or nipple clamps, or more extreme sex toys such as electro sex toys, canes, bondage hoods, fetish wear and many more.  

For beginners hoping to introduce bondage into the bedroom, a bondage kit or beginner’s bondage games such as blindfolding, restraining and light spanking are great for building anticipation and romance during foreplay. However, should you wish to try something a little harder, we have lots of different products available to those who wish to turn up the kink. For example, pairing light restraining with a leather ball gag and blindfold will ensure that your submissive’s senses are heightened, but they are unable to resist your touch. Fans of a flogger will enjoy switching between soft strokes and a sharp sting with just the flick of a wrist.  

Those who wish to experiment further may want to continue using sensory play to add an element of sexual adventure. For example, binding your lover with bed restraints and encourage them to watch as you masturbate. With their hands tied, they will be completely subdued and unable to touch themselves or enjoy any relief. Take sensory play further by including a cool or warmed glass dildo, spanking paddles and floggers and much more. However, always remember to have a safe word and a gesture in place, just in case your submissive isn’t in a position to speak.  

Bondage is a great way to spice up your sex life. However, if you need a little more help understanding the different bondage toys that we sell, please contact our Crimson Princess sex toy experts for some advice. We are happy to talk to you about the different kink products that we sell.  

Bondage Kits- 

Bondage kits are the perfect option for beginners to BDSM, or those hoping to add to their existing collection of bondage products. At Crimson Princess, we stock a wide collection of beginner’s bondage kits for the curious beginner and luxury bondage kits for the more experienced players. For those who are simply hoping to add a little excitement to their sex lives, our range of bondage kits also include romantic bondage kits and naughty weekend kits to help spice things up in the bedroom.  

For those who haven’t tried a bondage kit before, BDSM kits are a one stop shop for those seeking a selection of kinky products to experiment with. Quite often, beginners BDSM boxes will contain blindfolds, restraints, spanking paddles or a flogger and other items such as cock rings, butt plugs and sex toys to titivate the submissive player. The more advanced BDSM kits may include handcuffs, bed restraints, ball gags, collars and a strap on harness, but with every kit promising something different, you have a lot of options to choose from.  

Bondage kits are also a great choice for shoppers who are seeking budget sex toys and cheap adult products. This is because you can experiment with lots of high quality BDSM products, but without having to spend a lot of money. At Crimson Princess, we stock lots of BDSM sex toys so there are lots of opportunities to continue updating your bondage kit with new products as your experience grows. Another great feature of bondage kits are the ease in which they travel. If you’re planning a naughty weekend away with a partner, a bondage kits is really easy to slip into your suitcase and take wherever you want to go.  

If you are looking to spice things up in the bedroom but you aren’t sure which bondage kit is right for you, contact our team of sex toy experts. We can talk you through our range of bondage kits and offer you some help and advice.  

Handcuffs and Restraints- 

Handcuffs, wrist restraints and ankle restraints are the perfect way to spice up foreplay and sex because they render a partner completely immobile and at the mercy of the dominant player. At Crimson Princess, our range of restraints are the perfect for any level of play, whether you’re tying someone up for the first time, or you’re looking to upgrade your restraints.  

Believe it or not, restraining someone isn’t as simple as tying someone’s hands together. In fact, there are lots of different methods of restraint to choose from. For beginners, handcuffs are a very simple and effective way to restrict your partner’s movements, they are also very cheap to buy. Our collection of handcuffs ranges from fluffy handcuffs, faux leather wrist cuffs, decorative cuffs, faux fur cuffs and the old classic, metal hand cuffs are a great way to start. As your lover squeals and squirms, a good set of handcuffs ensure that their hands are properly restrained so that they are all yours…  

Restraints are completely different from handcuffs because quite often, they can be used to restrain other parts of the body too. Wrist restraints and ankle restraints can also be connected together to create a hogtie. As your partner remains immobile, the pleasure opportunities are endless. We have a huge selection of restraints for our customers to choose at Crimson Princess, each suited to lots of different levels of experience. Take a look at our under bed restraints, wrist restraints, ankle restraints, hogtie restraints, Velcro cuffs, faux fur cuffs and even lockable cuffs for those who have more experience.  

For those who are keen to experiment with handcuffs and restraints but they don’t know where to start, contact our team of Crimson Princess sex toy experts for some help and advice. We are more than happy to discuss the different features of our cuffs and ties and help you to find a product that is perfect for you. 



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