Beginner's Sex Toys

Beginner's Sex Toys

When it comes to choosing your first vibrator it’s best to, as Lewis Carroll once wrote, begin at the beginning. As mentioned in this post, thinking about which parts of your genitals you want to stimulate and how much power you want to stimulate them with will really help you narrow down which type of vibrator is right for you. But once you’ve done that it’s still quite a task to work out which brand/model/shape to plump for. If you’re still struggling, check out the following suggestions of vibrators for beginners. If your budget is small, or if you want mild vibes the lemonade prices are for you. For the big spenders or lovers of wilder vibes, check out the champagne prices.


Small in size with well-defined tips, the bullet has to be one of the most versatile toys you can buy, and you can get your hands on one for as little as £10. Their pointed tips are not only brilliant for precision clitoral stimulation, but they work great on the nipples, penis, scrotum, and perineum, too. Held against your cheek, a bullet adds an exciting new dimension to fellatio. Keeping it in your hand while you perform cunnilingus gives you something extra stimulating to penetrate a vagina with. In fact, the only thing a bullet vibrator doesn’t do is anal penetration; they’re too small and slim to be considered anal safe.

Rocks Off RO 80mm 7 Speed Rainbow Bullet    

Je Joue Classic Vibrating Bullet



A step up from the bullet both in terms of size and (often) power, the classic vibrator is great for deep, internal stimulation. But what qualifies a vibrator as ‘classic’? Well, probably the shape that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘vibrator’. Typically, they come in lengths of around 7” and will have either a rounded or tapered tip and a smooth, straight shaft. They’re nearly always battery operated with AAA, AA or C batteries, but don’t let that put you off. You can get some nicely powerful classic vibes that deliver strong vibrations. Bear in mind though that, just like bullets, they’re unsuitable for anal play.

Doc Johnson Velvet Touch Multispeed 7 inch Vibrator 


TokiDoki 7 Function Classic Vibrator Purple Snake Woman


The quickest way to make your internal stimulation hands-free is to pick up a love egg. Not Geisha balls or a kegel exerciser, but a vibrating love egg. The inexpensive versions are usually wired and controlled by an attached scroll wheel ‘remote’. For toys that often run on three cell batteries or AAAs they can be surprisingly powerful. The higher-end ones might be wireless remote controllable, or even app controlled. But they all offer one thing; internal vibrations that you can have as deep or as shallow as you like without having to have your hands between your legs.

COLT Xtreme Turbo Bullet         


We Vibe Jive Vibrating Egg


Some people experience intense pleasure from g-spot stimulation, and some don’t. Located on the front wall of the vagina, about 3-inches in, this much debated spot isn’t all that easy to reach with a classic vibe. And love eggs won’t necessarily offer enough pressure to make it sing, either. What you need for ease of g-spot stimulation is a toy with a curved shaft and an angled, hooked, or bulbous tip. This lets you apply whatever pressure feels right to you, and it lets you be as harsh or as gentle as you like. Vibrating g-spot toys feed their waves or power into that hotspot as you play, intensifying the end result.

Rocks Off Rock Chick


We Vibe Rave Vibrator


For those who want both internal and external stimulation, the rabbit vibe is usually the first port of call. But the thing with rabbits is, they come in the shape and size they come in, and if that shape and size doesn’t happen to fit with your personal anatomy you’re gonna be in for a disappointing time. But if you find one that does fit, and if the vibe type is right for you, rabbits are brilliant.

Something to watch out for with rabbits is materials. So many of them are made from jelly, which isn’t body safe. You need to look for silicone because that is. If you choose a battery-operated model you’ll be forever shelling out on replacement batteries, because making beads swirl, tips rotate, and two different shafts vibrate takes a lot of juice. If you’re going very simple (just the vibes and no frills) battery powered is okay, but if you want a bit more I would recommend choosing something rechargeable.

Adam And Eve G-Spot Vibrating Rabbit

Key by Jopen Rabbit Vibrator


Cock rings can add so much to your play, whether you’re playing with others or on your own. Their main purpose is strengthening erections and increasing stamina, but some are designed to do more. The usual approach is for a penis to be adorned in a cock ring while any vibration is directed at the clitoris of a vulva having partner. But more vibrating c-rings are being made with the cock owner in mind. 

Instead of the vibes just being up front, some cock rings have them around back, too. They’re designed to tickle the scrotum and perineum, and some even have butt plugs attached. If you’re playing alone these toys are an excellent way to give yourself some extra stimulation if and when you need it. And you get a bit of stamina training while you play, too. Bonus! 

Rocks Off 7 Speed RO Zen


We Vibe Verge


If you’re new to anal play a good place to start would be a butt plug. They can be as small as a rosebud or as big as a fist, the choice is yours. If you opt for something small (which would be wise) I’d recommend picking a vibrating butt plug. You don’t have to use the vibes at first if you feel they might be a bit much, but if you have them there waiting for you, you won’t have to upgrade your toy as soon as you feel it’s time for a bit more. All you have to do is switch it on. Just make sure that the plug you choose has a truly anal safe base. 

Rocks Off Assberry


We Vibe Ditto


While prostate massage isn’t something anal novices would usually throw themselves into, the fact that it’s gaining momentum suggests that it soon could be. People will see the benefits and pleasures available and might well be intrigued enough to make prostate play their first foray into anal. So I’m offering up two suggestions so those folks have somewhere to start. 

Rocks Off Quest 


Aneros Vice

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