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About Us

Here at Crimson Princess we have took on board the daunting and sometimes embarrassing situations out of ordering/buying sex toys, therefore we can ensure you will be able find all your favourite brands, toys and lingerie sets on our website www.crimsonprincess.co.uk 

We believe many people would like to try out new toys and lingerie but are just to shy or embarrassed to actually walk into a store and look around. For many reasons such as asking awkward questions to the shop assistance or even the unimaginable risk of running into a neighbour or work colleague while browsing, we believe people avoid shopping in store and thus put the thought and desire of owning a sex toy to the back of their mind and forget all about it, therefore living a unfulfilled sex life! Thats where we come in, here at Crimson Princess we have got you covered, we have took you the customer into consideration and house all your favourite sensual necessities under one roof, so you can order from the comfort of your own home via your laptop, tablet or smart phone.

With detailed descriptions and multiple images, you can relax and take your time ordering with complete confidence. We want you to be truly satisfied with your purchase therefore when your order arrives, there will be no indication where your package has came from, we ensure packaging is discreet and there is no mention of Crimson Princess anywhere on the box or bank statement. It will simply be displayed as CPLtd. It is time to explore your inner sexual self and indulge in your finest desires without feeling judged. We look forward to accommodating your every want and need.

From everyone at Crimson Princess Thank You xxx

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